One of the best resources we have are the articles that others have made. Sharing their stories and views that can help show us a different perspective, or help us better understand different things. Here are some articles that have helped us understand different things, from skills, to information.

Psychologists Explain How To Stop Overthinking Everything

‘Overthinking is destructive and mentally draining.’ Author Thomas Oppong goes into detail on exactly how such overthinking can negatively affect your mental health and wellbeing. Oppong provides strategic ways on how to defeat the pattern of overthinking and get your life back.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Why Do We Feel So Lonely?

Author Bonnie Gifford discusses why we are feeling lonelier than ever by providing insight as to how we can best try to overcome our feelings of loneliness. Connecting with others is just the first step to feeling like we aren’t alone.

Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This article talks about what exactly emotional intelligence affects; your performance at school or work, physical health, mental health, relationships, and social intelligence. Building emotional intelligence seems difficult but this article provides key skills that can help improve your EQ.

Stress Hack: Music Therapy Helps Relieve Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Symptoms

There are endless ways to help relieve symptoms of depression, some of these ways can be really fun and changing it up has more benefits than one. In this article, author Calley Nelson explains her own experiences with alternative forms of therapy and how it may be better.

10 Ways to Overcome Burnout

We’ve all experienced some sort of burn out, a time when we felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and just helpless. If you’ve ever been in this position, this article provided ways for you to rediscover your passion, and focus on your health and wellbeing.

How to stop being annoyed by life

Constant stress and aggravation have been linked to issues including overeating, insomnia, and depression. Controlling your anger can have important benefits to your health. This article provides ten progressive steps aimed to help you during stressful moments.

How Emotionally Self-Aware Are You?

Author Daniel Goleman discusses what emotional awareness is, why it matters, and how you can develop it. He says that taking notice in your feelings and the way they affect your actions takes a good amount of attention and practice. But staying in tune with your body can help.

What’s All This About Journaling?

Journaling is a natural way of labeling emotions and acknowledging traumatic events. When everything seems like a mess, organizing it onto the lines of a journal is better than one would think, and this article tells you why.

Finding “Flow”

Getting into a flow is so satisfying, the pursuit of the task at hand is harmonious. It’s your best performance and you’re energized. Having emotional investment in our work creates a flow. This article expands on how to reach a state of “flow.”

How Sleep Primes The Brain For Emotional Intelligence

Not getting enough sleep does more damage than just making us grumpy or groggy. A good night’s rest is key to building emotional intelligence and can enhance emotional and social sophistication. This article discusses these benefits.

How To Use Emotional Intelligence To Deal With Anger

Emotions can be very powerful and having a high emotional intelligence is extremely useful in helping you to deal with anger effectively. This article provides steps to effectively control your anger.

The Ultimate Guide To Emotional Intelligence To Be Happy And Successful In A Brain-Dead World

Benefits of emotional intelligence are illustrated in this article. The author also discusses the components of emotional intelligence and how to improve it.

Ignoring Your Emotions Is Bad for Your Health. Here’s What to Do About It

We face daily emotional challenges in the modern life. In our society, we learn how to block and avoid them but, in this article, author Hilary Jacobs Hendel gives light to why that is unhealthy.

Accepting your darkest emotions is the key to psychological health

In this article, author Lila MacLellan discusses that acceptance of one’s dark emotions connects to better emotional resilience, and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What emotional intelligence is all about 

​A simple straightforward article gives insight to what exactly emotional intelligence is. Author Justin Bariso says if you achieve this then you’ll be making emotions work for you, instead of against you.

The Misconceptions about Mental Illness We Need to Unlearn

Author Eric Ravenscraft has struggled with mental illnesses for decades. He goes on to discuss deep-seated beliefs that even he had to un-learn.

How Meditation Can Improve Your Mental Health

In this article, author Ashley Welch discusses how you can improve your mental health by practicing many different forms of meditation. Meditation provides so many benefits including regulating negative emotions and minimizing stress.

Emotional Awareness: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

This article discusses how identifying our moods helps us take control of our lives because different emotional experiences can be unpredictable and chaotic. The necessity of emotional awareness in our daily lives is important because it ultimately affects the decisions we make.

Why Depression Makes You So Damn Tired All The Time

Feeling mentally, emotionally, or physically drained are common feelings to experience, but be aware that these types of feelings are not always temporary. This article provides you with a better understanding of the impact that depression has on your energy levels.

Compassion Takes Guts

Having compassion coincides with being emotionally intelligent which further evokes self awareness. The better we are with attuned with what is happening internally, the better we can engage with the world beyond ourselves.

Why Taking Pleasure In Others' Misfortune Can Actually Be Good For Your Mental Health

Seeing someone else fail makes us feel better and reminds us we’re not the only one. It may cause some guilt but it’s how we cope with inferiority or our own failures. This article helps shed light on why this can actually be good for you. 

Technology of the Future Should Care for Our Well-Being

We seem to have less human interaction than we do with technology or any artificial intelligence. But as technology continues to take part in our lives, maybe we should learn how to use it to boost our kindness, empathy, and happiness.

Tackling Too Many Projects

Piling too much on our plates is overwhelming, we’re over-committing ourselves and we get burnt out, we stress out. This article discusses how we can take control of our stress and find greater balance throughout our lives.

Room for Growth: Overcoming Our Fixed Mental Habits

We all have negative thoughts about ourselves at one point or another, but when they start to get in our way, that’s when it becomes ‘self-limiting’. This article talks about SLBs and how to start to manage them.

Five Ways Mindfulness Meditation Is Good for Your Health

Mindfulness meditation benefits more than just our minds. With newfound physical benefits, this article elaborates the long lasting health benefits for the body from mindful meditation.

The 10 Commandments Of Emotional Intelligence

Learning how emotions work can be difficult. Specifically, how to start putting that knowledge into practice. This article gives ‘commandments’ to follow and makes it easier for one to implement the knowledge you have.

Understanding emotional intelligence and its effects on your life

In this article, it is discussed that emotional intelligence is not only the ability to read our emotions and those of others, it’s also the ability to ‘understand and label’ and ‘to express and regulate’ those emotions.

The Inverse Relationship Between Emotion and Intellect

When emotions are high, we tend to not think clearly. Dr. Camille Preston briefly explains why simply understanding the relationship between emotion and intellect is powerful.

Emotions and Types of Emotional Responses

VeryWellMind published this article about how emotions seem to rule our daily lives. Author Kendra Cherry describes three key elements of emotion and the responses that follow.

The benefits of emotional intelligence 

​Insights into our emotions from American psychologist, Paul Ekman, are discussed in this article. Ekman sheds light on the mysteries of our emotional worlds and how insight into our emotions is helpful.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mental Health

Dr. Grohol's “cheat sheet” of mental health lists things you might not know in just 10 easy to read bullets.

20 Tips to Tame Your Stress

​This article provides 20 quick and easy tips to help calm your stress and help put you in a better mood.

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