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" A tea a day can help you seize the day!" - BDC

For a lot of us that are going through a stressful day and a day filled with our anxiety greeting us in more ways than one, we may look for  a way to help us reduce it all. One of the best things to do is to drink a good tea, drinking herbal teas, and tea has been show to help reduce anxiety and stress. Seize your day with a tea, with something great!

Tea Fortè Warming Joy Sampler Box

4.7/5.0 Rating based on 150+ Reviews

For tea drinkers and new beginners this tea offers a great taste by not being as bitter as traditional teas. From the different varieties that are available you will be able to find a tea that best suits your taste buds. "Such delicious teas, all my family are crazy about them. They are quite strong so we can make two good cups out of one pyramid infuser." one customer said after purchasing this item.

$ 30

Assorted Loose Leaf Tea

4.7/5.0 Rating based on 100+ Reviews

Tea leaves are vacuum sealed & packed within 24 to 72 hours of harvesting to give you Garden Fresh Tea with the Best Aroma & taste. Loose tea assortments of Daily Darjeeling Black Tea, Assam Exotic Tea, Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea, and many more for you to try and find the one that best fits your taste buds


Tea Fortè Tea Chest Green Tea Assortment w/ 40 Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infusers

4.7/5.0 Rating based on over 300+ Reviews

As an avid green tea drinker I found myself enjoying the contents of this box a lot more than I would have imagined. I love the different assortments of the teas that are included here with not only green tea but the other assortments as well. The taste of this tea is refreshing and extremely satisfying.

$ 60

Glass Teapot & Infuser

4.7/5.0 Rating based on 300+ Reviews

A glass tea pot that allows us to use it right on the stove top. Coming a long with an infuser it allows you to add your favorite loose leaf tea into it and let it brew right away. User friendly this tea pot allows the simplicity of it speak for itself, the tea pot itself is made glass yet is extremely durable and long lasting. 



Kettle Water Heater with Speed Boil

4.0/5.0 Rating based on 2500+ Reviews

For those of us that are not only tea lovers or tea beginners this kettle is a great water heater for multiple use. With the speed boil feature allows us to have heated water ready to use. One reviewer said "Generous amount of water, more than I would need on any given day for making hot teas, adding to anything I'm cooking without cooling it off too much, and I like the way the pot rotates 360 degrees so the handle is always simple to lift the pot safely without touching hot glass."



Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle With iCool

4.8/5.0 Rating based on 700+ Reviews 

With a beautiful Satin finish this kettle really lives up to the standards that have been set out by the Pykal company. I have used many kettles in my while some seemed to last long and be useful, they certainly did not last with constant use. Pykal has stood the test of time with me now for two years now.



Teapot Kettle with Warmer

4.3/5.0 Rating based on 1200+ Reviews

This teapot comes a long with a cozy that can keep your tea warm for 20+ minuets. The teapot ca be used in the microwave for heating and reheating. In addition this teapot comes along with its own infuser for easy brewing.