While Syotos’ main focus is mental health, we are very passionate about giving back to different communities that are in need. For us we see many Third World Countries that have different villages that are in need of simple materials for the families. Many families are in need of clothing for adults and the children. That is why with partnerships with amazing people in Guatemala we have been able to give back to different communities and families.

            What may seem like nothing to us, it can be the world to others in need! Syotos wants to be able to be the light and hope for those that are in need no matter where they maybe. Growing up in extreme poverty to be later exposed to the changing world around you can take a toll. Especially if others look at you differently because you may not have much affects our confidence and our mental balance, it allows others to put those that have nothing down. Being there for them by giving what we can is just the first step into being the ray of hope for them! Join Syotos in making a difference around the world! Email us to find out how!

Donate Here at Gofundme Link to help make a difference and help build a home and build hope for a family in need this year!


Here are some of the living conditions and some of the folk that brought us in to their homes. So far with the donations that we have made to these communities they have been able to help many children, and families!!!!


       What are the houses made of? As we can see in the pictures below, the houses are made of sheet metal and some of cane sticks. The sheet metal is either purchased, found on the side of the road, or found in junkyards. That is why, if we look closely we can see rust building up and holes on the exterior. Most, if not all, of the houses are built on dirt and hillsides. Some use the trees and nature around them to support the structure ensuring that the house is held together. Houses like these do not have any type of flooring on the inside, so the same dirt that is on the outside is on the inside as well. One of the worst things that can happen to the families and the houses that they have is when Mother Nature strikes back, Rainy days penetrate more than their emotions, it affects their homes as well. Mother Nature does not hold back, it comes to leave its mark on their lives.


            For a struggling family all hands are needed to bring food and clothing for one another. While very few kids go to school, others go to work anywhere that they can! Which leads to most of their days consisting of long, strenuous hours of hard work. This takes away the opportunity of an education for the kids and causes strain for the parents who work like mules for just cents an hour. Clothing is a bare necessity that many families desperately need to ensure their survival. They make the most of their clothing by continuously patching up the extremely worn out pieces. Their hard work barely provides food for their families, some clothing, and few other necessities. When they get sick, it is harder for them to recover due to the fact that they do not have the money to go to the doctor or get any medicine at all.


            A little goes a long way and everything truly counts! Here are some pictures of those who have come down to receive donations for themselves and their families. The biggest thing that we have been able to donate is gently used clothing, one of their biggest needs! For any and all ages, knowing that they have something to wear brings happiness and hopes to them, hope that they can see another day because they finally will be able to use the donated clothing and use the money they have saved for something else!

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