Mobile Applications 

One of the greatest tools that we have and can use is our phones and technology! Let us use it to our advantage now and check out these Mobile Applications that are changing the game for the better!!!


Price: Free

The positive mental health app, created by young people, for young people. Designed to educate, enable and empower. I am me is all about prevention: equipping young people with the tools and know-how to better cope with the challenges that they face, through the i am me app, and face-to-face workshops.

Lantern: Programs for Stress

Price: Free

Members who sign up get a Lantern Coach they can message at any time. If you don’t want to talk to someone but are still looking for a little bit of inspiration, tap into his or her database of expert CBT practices. You can sign up for daily interactive practices that help start your day off right. It’ll give you the tools to maintain a healthy trajectory throughout your day.


Price: Free

TalkLife works as an online community for people who need a friend or just someone who’s willing to listen. People are encouraged to post exactly how they feel. You can also provide feedback to others who post. Updates can be done anonymously — it’s up to the user to decide.

Pacifica for Stress & Anxiety

Price: Free

This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It's easy.


Price: Free

MoodTools is a self-help app targeting depression. It provides psych education about risk factors and psychosocial approaches to treatment, a depression symptom questionnaire, a thought diary, a suicide safety plan, and videos such as meditation guides.


Price: Free

Flowy is a game app created to help those with panic and anxiety disorders. In the game, you’ll solve puzzles with your breath. You hold down a button while breathing in and let it go while breathing out, sending your little boat forward along its path.

7 Cups - Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

7 Cups Of Tea can help you out when you just need someone to talk to, fast. The app connects you with a trained counselor (or “listener”) to talk about pretty much anything. You can choose a listener based on what you’re interested in talking about or their life experience.

What's Up - A Mental Health App

What’s up is a free app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods to help you cope with Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and more.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis by Surf City Apps LLC

Price: Free

This is an app suggested to help improve relaxation and reduce anxiety within just one to three weeks of use. The app's developers say that hypnosis can decrease anxious thoughts and enhance response to relaxation, which, in turn, resets behavior and enables an improved response to stress.

Happy Not Perfect

‚ÄčHappy Not Perfect has mindful exercises that help you practice more positivity, meditate, and lower stress. You can use it as a journal, to create a daily relaxation routine, and even to send good vibes to friends on the app.


Price: Free

This app is designed to help people cope in a more productive manner. It works by letting users tell the app what they’re feeling at that very moment. The descriptions and explanations help you get to the issue at hand. The algorithms then work to figure out how you cope during an emotionally challenging time.

Happify: for Stress & Worry

Price: Free

The main goal of this app is to just “feel happier,” and the program gives you plenty of options for working toward that goal. You’ll get to choose a path of activities that reflects what that really means for you.

Headspace: Meditation

Price: Free

According to the American Psychological Association, practicing mindfulness can help prevent a depression relapse. The Headspace app offers tools to help with meditation and mindfulness.

Mango Health

Price: Free

Mango Health functions as a medication reminder, but also gives you information about what you’re taking and a heads up for how it might interact with anything else in your regimen. Plus, take your meds when you’re supposed to and you’ll get points, which are entrance into raffles for a chance to win actual rewards — including charity donations and gift cards to places like Starbucks.

Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

by MoodPath UG

This app's goal is to support someone through difficult times and guide them out “the other side”. Moodpath asks daily questions in order to assess ones well-being and screen for symptoms of depression. The screening progress aims to increase awareness of thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

SuperBetter by SuperBetter, LLC

SuperBetter is a game that focuses on increasing resilience and the ability to remain strong, optimistic, and motivated when presented with challenging obstacles in life. SuperBetter also has the potential to help beat depression and anxiety, cope with chronic illness, and recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.


The app is designed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and help someone feel happier. Calm focuses on key areas of meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation, with the aim of bringing joy, clarity, and peace to daily life.

Insight Timer

Everyone talks about how great meditation is for your mental health but if it still feels too daunting, Insight Timer is a great place to start. You can also connect with plenty of other users across the world with an activity feed.


MY3 is aimed at people who are depressed and suicidal, and trains users to recognize suicide warning signs in others. It helps you create your own safety so that you can easily act when you recognize your warning signs.

We hope that these applications can help you in the same that they helped some of us!!!

Let us know if there are any applications we should check out!

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