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# 1 of 7 Seven Pillars to You PAIN

Having all these scars has taught me something very important at a high cost to my own body. Every time that I would allow the blade to cut through my skin I had to make sure that I knew how I was going to stop the bleeding in case the cut was deeper than expected. If I could not stop the bleeding then at least I had to learn how to control the bleeding so that it was not too bad, with that I also had to know how I was going to be able to hide the wound from the view of others. With doing that I always knew the pain that I was in, some of the wounds were deep and as the wound try to heal it never let me forget the reason why I cut myself in the first place. I got tired of hiding my scars because I knew that they were never going to disappear one day, they were a part of me.

Looking in the mirror I saw the Monster that I turned myself into, someone who was the opposite of what I once was, I saw the fear in my face the pain! I knew that I had to accept the pain and I knew that it was in the past. I had to see who I really was by seeing the pain that I was going through! To finally see yourself in the pain that you are in is one of the hardest thing to see, we hide it behind everything, to run from it or ignore it. Write down the pain you have to see what is hurting you the most all of it down!

A war is not won in one battle, it takes many battles to win a war, see what hurts the most, to make sure that when we take the battle head on we know who the enemy is and how to defeat them!

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