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#2 of 7 Seven Pillars to You Perspective

When we dive out on the road we see that there are different streets that we can take that lead to the same place. When there is a problem that we have, we tend to forget that there are multiple methods of approaching the problem. Looking at things in only you perspective is like trying to find a one way street that can take you were ever you need to go. Just like that does not exist we have to take different streets, we have to start looking at things from different perspectives. There are going to be times where are emotions take the best of us. Always take the problem, the situation and see things first from your way, then if another party is involved try looking at it from there perspective. This will help stop the overthinking that some of us go through and stop us from creating certain events that have never happened in our heads. Keep looking st things in different angles different ways!

By understanding the views and what the other persons situation is, better helps us understand our own situation! We let some emotions get the best of us at time. fear and anger tend to blur our vision at times, that is why putting our glasses of wanting to understand helps clear the vision. We have to want to understand that there can be an infinite amount of views, everyone has their own perspective! It comes down to making sure that we learn from it all to grow!

This is when we take our pain and start looking at it from different perspectives to find the weakness!

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