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#3 of 7 Seven Pillars to You TALK

Why should the voice inside our head just be in our heads? We feel a lot and we all go through a lot yet we battle everything alone and bottle things up. Bottling every emotion, every thought, yet no words are ever said.

Fear plays one big part in this. We fear that we are the only ones that are going through this. That we are alone in all of this. That there is no one that can simply understand that we are going through. That the help others want us to get is not the help that we want or need. We have to let go of that fear, and talk!

Talking to anyone, anyone that is willing to listen to you! There is no need to look for someone special or fear judgement from others, they can be waiting for someone to talk as well. If we can be strong and talk about what is hurting we can finally take the blade out of us. A simple action yet is one of the hardest things to do! We have to know that we have to let go and let the words flow out of us as if the pain comes out like vomit! To vent!

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