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#4 of 7 Seven Pillars to You FLOW

Go to a river, to the beach. Notice that when you go into the water how the water goes around you. The water does not stop flowing, it does not stop moving because you are in it! It continues with its flow even when there is an obstacle in front of it!

There are certain obstacles that water can just go through and there are others that water goes around. Accepting that sometimes in life we will come across some obstacles that we cannot let the ones that we can go through stop our flow! We let the current that we are on help us go through those obstacles! Letting go of problems we cannot fix are the obstacles that we can easily pass through. Now yes there are going to be some obstacles that we would like to go through but we will not have the chance to at the time, we let our current get stronger and stronger so that one day we can have the strength to go through those obstacles!

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