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#5 of 7 Seven Pillars to You BREAKDOWN

When everyone is away and we are alone it catches up to us. Everything that we have been running away from catches up. That is when our choices comes out, either bottle it up or breakdown about it. Why is breaking down such a bad thing? Why is it labeled as something that we should not do or fear from.

Bottling everything into a jar, then when our jar gets to full we pay the price. Some tale escapes by going places, others by using certain things. We ignore the over flow that we are having and instead of letting it flow we try to put a lid on the jar. The over flow intoxicates us with a rush of emotions. Out of the intoxication we breakdown at times, not from our pain. It is the breakdown from the fear of it when we are sober.

Understanding that just like how we have grown from birth to where we are now. Our jar has to grow with us as well, we cannot let the jar stay the same we have to break it down! Break it apart, tear it all down! To make room for something bigger to come!

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