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#7 of 7 Seven Pillars to You Live

After everything that has happened and we have been through it is time for us to Live. There is nothing left to do but that. Everything that we have worked to all they we have gone. The pain is no more the building has stopped and now we have the chance to live.

It is a slight balance that we have to try to find with the busy life that we have and all the things that we go through. Everyday from now on is a victory, because no matter what happens we have to know that we will still stand strong and find the light in any dark day!

Just like a lighthouse that gets beaten day in and day out by the waves. It takes them head on and still shines the light at night. Being able to take those waves head on and still show how bright your light is at the end of the day is what it means to be a live. No one else has your light, but you can help others find their own light in their dark times.

We came to this world alone, and one day we will leave alone, that is why you should never forget. Love who you are, be who you are, do not let anything stop the dream that you want so bad to come true. You deserve it after everything that you have been through in life!

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