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Another Day

Another day

Another day that you survived

You showed the world who you are

Even if you had a bad day

Regardless you can always say!!!


You made it through the pain

The cold and rain

Putting the words of others to shame

You may not see it at first

But you shine so bright

So bright that it gives the world some light

Don’t forget that today

And any other day

You must show the world what you got

Show them what they don’t see

Show them who you REALLY CAN BE!

Never forget, how you survived another day!

See You On The Other Side


-Suicide prevention day, for its not only today that you survived its every day that you live on! It’s hard for some to accept how dark the world can be, but look around and you will see! You’re not alone, we all have gone through something and we stand here today saying loud and saying proud! How we SURVIVED ANOTHER DAY! So be happy with yourself and what you did today! And what you have done up to this day! For your journey might not have been easy at all but you’re still here! Keep on being yourself and doing what makes you happy!


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