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As the Sun sets!

Sunset, how can a goodbye to the sun be so beautiful. It is crazy how a simple picture of the sunset can tell such a great story about the day. The way the colors mix together, and reflect of the ocean. It tells the story about what the day has been, if we see the little details we can take in the true beauty of the sunset.

Wit this I thought to myself isn’t a goodbye from someone like a sunset? I know that some goodbyes hurt because we see the people that we love, go somewhere where we are not. Is there beauty and peace in a goodbye? From all of the times that I have been hurt by someone and then after that they said goodbye and I knew that I would never see them again. It hurt me and I started to hate the word and hate when someone would leave me.

I hate that so much because I knew that some times we might not know when the last goodbye might be, or when we get left broken by someone after they left. I noticed that just like how all the colors can come together why cannot all the memories come together? Why cant we think about al of the things that led to there, but not the big moments that stand out, remember the little times that brought happiness, remember the little times that stood out to you the most. Take those times as the colors in the sunset and take the little the memories to make whatever pain, whatever happiness and turn it into a beautiful sunset!

The saying “beauty is pain” can be true, the reality is that pain will come, goodbyes will come, but never forget this just like the beautiful sun sets and it says its goodbyes. That does not mean that the light disappears, because after the goodbye there will be another hello just like the moon rises after to shine at night!

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