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Believers vs Non-believers

Believers and Non-Believers

Recently I encountered a non-believer, someone that told me my dream was not going to be anything if I did not do it the same way that they did. Someone in the same type of industry told me that what I had going on was not going to work because I was not doing it the same way that they had done it when they first started. What they did not know is that five minutes before I had the conversation with them, I had an anxiety attack, I was not in the best mindset already going back into the room, so hearing what that person had to say was even more detrimental to my state of mind.

When we have a dream and we are working hard to make that dream come true, we have to understand that we cannot and will not please everyone. Everyone will have an opinion of their own, some will support your dream because they see the image and vision that you have, others will not because they might fear your success. I had to look at things in a different way! I could not let the words that the person said truly stop me or slow me down from making my dream a true reality! 

The road to making your dream come true takes a lot, a lot of confidence in yourself and a lot out of you! We have to take a moment and step back when we come across someone that is a non-believer, take a step back and see and appreciate the believers that we do have. There will be a lot of people that will believe in what you want to do and believe in the vision that you have! Those that are constantly supporting you and what you want to do in life are the ones you should never forget about! 

There will always be new people that will be coming in and supporting you. You cannot forget the main reason why something was started in the first place. Remember those that have helped you get to where you are, and those that will come in your life to help you! 

Hearing something from someone that works in a similar field as I do, advise me to stop and drop everything that I was doing and do things the way that they are and have been doing was discouraging. I gave a simple example, I told the person to imagine that we are fruits, the person is an orange and I am a grape fruit. While both of them are orange and have some similarities they both are still very different types of fruits. Both offer a different flavor, but in the same family. It seemed that they still wanted to say that they were right and I was wrong, that my dream was not valid, just because it was different. 

Being and doing things differently is not something to be scared of, it is important to keep the dream alive. The dream that you have will start out as a spark, a small flame. That flame has to be protected by you; you have to make sure that the flame is well taken care of so that one day it grows into an enormous fire! There will be times that others will try and take away that spark and put it out but we have to make sure that we protect the dream. If this dream is important to you on another level, to the point where you cannot see yourself doing anything else, then protect the spark from the non-believers. Protect the spark and show your believers why they should continue to believe in!

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