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Escape the busy city and the hectic life. Every day we are exposed to different people, emotions, and experiences. While some of the experiences may bring positive emotions, some are going to bring negative emotions. Some days it feels as if wave after wave is constantly hitting us, leaving us only seconds to catch our breath all while we think others watch as we drown.

Escape, take a day to yourself or even just an hour. Take that time to understand your emotions, to ask yourself; why? Take that time to escape and get to know the person that you are, what makes you happy, what makes you sad. Take self-awareness to a different level.

In that time, do the little things that brings happiness. Stop and smell the flowers and read the book that you have always wanted. Being away from the busy world to take the time to know you is important. It is something that has been forgotten and neglected by many because they have “no time”. Yet, the time is always there, every moment alone is a moment to escape.

It does not mean to escape to a new location, it means escape to a better mindset. A mindset of calmness and clarity, to the point that the emotions of others are better understood. Understanding the emotions that we feel in the moments that we have to ask ourselves “why?” are the moments we should take advantage of. A great relationship with ourselves establishes a better relationship with others.

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