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I’ve always been drawing since I was a kid, but they were mostly just doodles such as stick figures, random shapes, etc. It wasn't until my sophomore year in high school where I finally took an interest in art, such as illustration. The interest started when I first attended an after school screen printing club. There was one member of the club in particular that got me into the idea of pursuing illustration as a career. The way he drew really stood out to me and got me motivated to start drawing and so forth. Along the way, there were also a few other members as well that got me inspired to create certain concepts for my work. When I first attended an art college during the Fall of 2013, both the competition and motivation of other classmates helped me expand my skill set both technically and conceptually as an aspring artist. Outside influences such as Dabs and Myla, Ermsy, Punimelt, and Steve Lowtwait helped me progress throughout my progress. Although I’m struggling to break out of my comfort zone when it comes to style, nonetheless I still enjoy creating art as both a career and a hobby. This is the only major that I’ve pursued for a long time and I wouldn’t want to throw it away at any time. Truth be told, this is the only thing that I really know how to do, and yet I still feel like I still have not reached the level of professionalism towards my works.