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There might never be a point of perfection, yet we all have our own version of what we think perfection really is. What does it really mean to be someone that has everything figured out? We search for perfection in ourselves and sometimes when we don’t find it, we seek it in others. We see the version of perfection that we have been searching for for a long time.

When we find that perfection in others, it turns nothing into something. Creating something so beautiful yet so deadly. It is the thorns that we create with our search for what we want to find. Instead of finding perfection or accepting the wrongs within us, we ignore it. What we find and create in others is something that some crave and want like no other thing in this world. And to others it is something that they don’t ever want in life for what it really brings.

The sad part about it all is that when the perfection falls and becomes something else it breaks in a way that nothing else can.

Love, one of the deadliest things in this world and something that has such beauty that we, not only see but rather, feel. Loving someone creates a veil, we see them as perfect beings, inspite of whatever flaws they might have, regardless of what others might say or think about them, they are perfect to us! When the feelings are mutual that is when Love is a beautiful thing, for it will show us a world that no other can see with the person that we love. It will take us to a world where just the two of you exist and no matter what happens or what anyone goes through, having each other is what makes each other indestructible!

Then there is the deadly side, the side that can kill us in an instant and change who we are forever. When the feelings are not mutual that is when the world we thought we had, the world that we made for ourselves is gone, gone in an instant and set up in flames. The perfection that we see in the other person is not seen in ourselves. It may be that they see the perfection in someone else. When the love is taken away, we are left with a broken heart. A broken heart is something that takes over not only our body but our minds as well. It creates a constant over flow of thoughts that make us believe there is something wrong with the person that we are, constantly looking for the reason of why the other person does not see us for who we really are!

When it takes over our bodies, there’s this pressure unlike any other that takes over every bone in us. Slowly picking away at the life force that we have; knowingly, we let the leech we know as pain continue to hurt us no matter what we try. It is hard to imagine the life without the perfection we once had with the other. We might think to ourselves time and time again that nothing can ever come about from this pain. If someone cannot even love me for who I am, how can anyone in this world love me? The person you held so high, the person that was once your world is now gone. It is unimaginable to think that we are honestly going to lose the world and the love we cherished.

Regardless of what the connection was and why it did end, the love never burns out. Yes, the flame of love that once was there burning high is now low. But the love that one has for another will always be in our deepest thoughts and in the bottom of our hearts. For those that have become the person we love the most can show and teach us more than we can actually imagine. It is just the way that we look at it all, it is easy to see things from our own perspective, regardless if it is good or bad. Looking at things from another angle is what really makes the difference.

Times can and have shown us what truly makes a difference; love comes from within. The love that we will show to others comes from within, from who we are. It is something that we do not force out of ourselves but rather something that comes out naturally. The love we give to others that comes out so naturally should also be the same love we have for ourselves. We cannot love others if we do not love ourselves. Trying to love someone while we do not love ourselves creates problems in more ways than one. We will project every insecurity and everything that bothers us onto our partner. No relationship is perfect and there will be fights but it is easier to over come those fights when there is an understanding for the love that one has for themselves and the type of love that will be given and shown to others.

It does start with you, from the beginning of time until the end. There will be moments that it is just you and there will be no one else. There will also be moments that you will be surrounded by many, yet feel so alone and abandoned.

If it was good, remember what makes it good and what makes the love that is exists there actually worth while! If love has destroyed you, remember the time before it took you away to another world. The lessons we learn and the memories we have can always bring more messages than we really think. Look at things differently to truly understand the good and bad!

When it comes down to wanting to know if feelings are mutual, there is only one way we can find out. Never miss the chance to ask the person if what you are feeling is something that they are feeling as well. Waiting can become the knife that we can never truly take out of our own bodies. It is a knife that can only be removed by you. Take the chance, take the leap, and if you do take the leap, then always know that sooner or later we will land, either alone or with someone. Regardless of how we land, never lose sight of the love you have for yourself and the love that you deserve! See You On The Other Side…


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