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Why Vent?

Why Vent? Why vent? I am older now, I can deal with what I feel by just suppressing it and moving on. Venting is complaining about what I cannot seem to do or what others cannot do!  While holding a conversation I was asked that question. Why vent? For some, it does seem as if it is just complaining about the day or complaining about what we cannot do. Then I simply explained what venting could do. Showing a different perspective on the same topic. Venting is not about complaining about anything nor is it a time for someone to think or take things a certain way. The way that I think about it is simple. There is a river that runs, the stream is constant, the water flows beautifully down the stream and animals come into the water to come get something to drink. Yet there are certain days that rocks will fall into the river, at first it might not be a lot of rocks so we do not move them nor do we really pay much attention to them. Then some days a storm comes, it takes us and destroys the trees around us pushing debris in to the river. So much debri to the point that the water no longer runs down stream. Venting is talking about what has happened to you or how everything has happened to you, taking notice that there are certain things blocking the river in your mind.  When we start to vent there will be times that others will offer to help us with what they heard, other times venting to others and just having someone there to hear what we have to say is all the help we need. We choke on the words we do not say, blocking our river from flowing how it should. Venting offers the chance to get rid of some of the things that are blocking it by talking about it. Talking about how we feel and venting about the day does not always mean we have to talk to a therapist or any specialist, we can talk to anyone that is willing to listen. If you seem to be ever caught in a time that no one is there to talk, think of us. We are here to listen to what you have to say.  No matter the age that you are, there will be sometimes that our river will get blocked and it is okay to talk about it. It is okay to have some there to listen to what you have to say. Take what bothers you out and see the difference. It is about the little things that we do to make us feel better when nothing seems to be going our way. It is about being able to do something that is simple yet can have one of the biggest impacts.  If anyone is ever feeling down about anything and wants to vent to someone please do not hesitate to talk to us! We are here for you!