See You On The Other Side 

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           When you hear of someone say see you on the other side, what do you think? For many people when they hear that they always think the other side of life…death. Yet life is not just about living and dying. We don’t just wake up one day and sit there waiting for our death to come. We go out into the world to explore and to experience life itself. Showing us that life is not just two sided it has many different sides, many ups and many downs, many twists and turns! For some of us life can start out great and then all of a sudden fall apart, for others it is living an endless nightmare where nothing seems to get better. There have been many times that life’s darkness has come and consumed many of us, leaving us in a fog in our heads. Those dark times can and has pushed many of us into struggling with our mental health, from opening up about it, to seeking help and talking…

            That is why Syotos started and came to be. There is another side from the darkness of life and our minds. The other side with happiness, balance, and light, from taking care of your mental health to taking care of yourself. There are many things that can be done to help us get to the other side. Syotos is here to help anyone and everyone. We are an organization that was started by those that were struggling with their own mental health and for the endless work and help from others we managed to see the other side. Now it is time for everyone else to see the other side. For years mental health has been misunderstood so much by many that a stigma was created.

            This stigma was so strong that it divided into two, a social and self-stigma. Syotos wants to change and beat this stigma together! Being able to change the social stigma so we can openly talk about our mental health to be there for one another to seek the proper help. And the Self-stigma that was created by believing and talking so negatively about ourselves to the point that we pushed our selves further in the darkness of our minds. We are here to be the lighthouse in your storm to shine the light that can help you in your journey. Whether we are shining resources and tools to you, whatever can help you on your journey or being there supporting you along your journey as well. We know how it feels to believe we are alone in this journey! We are not, all around you there is a community of advocates, warriors, and survivors all you have to do is open your eyes to see the light to see all of us!

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